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Lotus Volunteer - Volunteer programs in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam

Volunteer programs and for whom they are suitable

Volunteers are voluntary helpers who want to bring their experience and work force to social projects complimentary. Their tasks are to be found in fields such as health care or education as well as an infrastructure development support. During this process, there will always be a cultural exchange, and the discovery of new roads to success is also very helpful for each life's enhancement. IDEX, in co-operation with Lotus Travel, offers at any one time volunteer programs of 4 weeks or longer for each region. Everybody is welcome who disposes of respective work experience, who aspires after an apprenticeship in the social field, who wants to leave his marks or who just wants to do something different while combining that with a stay abroad.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering while travelling has a far greater and positive impact than merely travelling to another country. While Volunteering you are exposed to direct contacts with the locals and share knowledge and experience, which automatically creates a positive impact on both local community and volunteer. Volunteering is simply a responsible and meaningful way of travel which helps you become a global citizen and give back to the world.
Volunteering can help you in many ways, helps you boost your CV, get back into work to fill gaps in your work experience, promote personal growth and self esteem and bring people from diverse background to work towards a common goal. It gives you a chance to give back to society and helps you discover hidden talents that may change your view on yourself worth.

Why pay to volunteer?

Volunteering enthusiasts often ask us 'Why do I have to pay to volunteer? Should I not get supported by the project to which I am going to help?'

It's a very valid question and here are some of the facts about the projects that need volunteer support:

1. Most worthwhile projects in general lack resources and they need whatever support they can get. 

2. It is therefore not possible for projects to provide support to international volunteers. They can only provide an opportunity to volunteers for learning and making a contribution.

3. If the projects had the funds, they would be benefited more by taking in local staff who would know the culture and the work to be done. Local staff also sticks around a lot longer than most volunteers do. 

4. And finally, the volunteers at our programs get a whole range of support and services that make their trips and volunteer experiences thoroughly enjoyable.

But always think about the following:
Your volunteering experince is perhaps going to be the most life altering trip that you would have ever taken (or will take). And that means, that you are making an investment in your own personal growth and development. So one of the best ways to find the money is to look for those people or sources that are interested in your development. These could be your family, school or university, the Corporate Social Responsibility Cell of a large organisation, a local community group sponsoring young people from their community in developing themselves. The list can be long if you really start looking. And then of course there is your own person - you need to answer the question "How important is it for me to develop myself? Will I spend my time and money in some frivolous merry making or will I do something with it that leaves me and the world in a better place?" Only you can answer that question. And the answer will guide your way!

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